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Deepening Your Pleasure: A Women’s Psychoeducation Group

Beginning Apr 27, 7:00 PM CDT - Virtual Event


Investment: $525 for 10 sessions

Commitment: 1.5 hours each week

Schedule: Every Thursday at 7:00 pm CST

Where: Hosted on Zoom!

  • I hit 35 and the sexual peak didn't happen!

  • Will my sexual desire ever match my partner's?

  • My friends are having great sex but why am I so disconnected from my body?

  • Am I normal?

These are the questions that likely weren't part of your sex education, and exploring the answers can make all the difference in your sexual relationship(s) with yourself and others. During our time together, we will use books such as Come As You Are, A tired Woman's Guide to passionate sex, Better Sex Through Mindfulness, a kinky couch, and mating in captivity to guide our work:


  • Learn science-backed information on how your body works

  • Identify your sexual values

  • Dispel sexual myths

  • Explore desire and what makes up your most delicious sexual context

  • Deepen your relationship with sex and pleasure

Kres is a trained clinician and sexual and relationship expert helping BIPOC and LGBTQIA women feel empowered and educated when it comes to desire, pleasure, kink, and sexuality. She seeks to normalize our experiences and shed light on the nuances that are attached to our identities.

You can benefit from this group if you...

  • Struggle with low to no desire

  • Have difficulty reaching orgasm or have never had an orgasm

  • Have a complicated relationship/feel disconnected from your body, especially in sexual experiences

  • Have feelings of shame or embarrassment when sex is thought about or discussed

  • Feel lost when it comes to figuring out what you like and want, and how to bring a partner into it

  • Have felt dysfunctional, abnormal, or broken at times

  • Want to take charge of your turn on's, turn off's, and overall sense of desire

  • Have an authentic willingness and curiosity to know yourself on a deeper level and find meaning in sharing that with other women

Ok, I'm interested! What will I get out of this group?

  • You move from a body connection to a mind-body-spirit connection

  • You'll feel more empowered to share deep desires with your mate (s)

  • You'll feel more confident cultivating arousal and pleasure in your daily choices

  • You'll deepen your communication and language with sex and pleasure

  • You'll connect to your body and sexuality by identifying your sexual values, dispelling unhelpful and misguided sexual information

Are you in?

Spots for this workshop are very limited to facilitate a safe and connective environment for

everyone. We are only accepting 7-10 participants, so fill out the provided questionnaire to be considered for the group! If you are not chosen, you will be notified via email and receive a full refund. 

I would like to learn more! 

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